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Cuts - The Cuts

Cuts - The Cuts

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Modern day psychedelia - coming right at you with lightning speed. The Cuts' self-titled LP is finally available on everyone's favorite digital format! Several years ago rock scribe and all around tastemaker Mark Murman released this album on vinyl on his superb Rock'n'Roll Blitzkrieg label. The Cuts had already released a single for Lookout Records that displayed a straight-ahead punk/garage/rock'n'roll style a la DMZ or the Real Kids (and no one currently alive on Earth does not absolutely adore DMZ and the Real Kids), but by the time they recorded their first fulllength they had already moved on to a more psychedelic sound (by way of late '70s NYC). Did someone say '13th Floor Elevators meets Television?' the Cuts stand apart from any contemporary garage rock purveyors. Tough as nails, neurotic, simplistic, big, deep, catchy and devastating all at the same time. Genuine decathlon scorch.

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