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Cucum45 - Slother Ep1

Cucum45 - Slother Ep1

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Bjarki is back under his Cucum45 alias! The new Cucum45 EP dares to speed off from the endpoint of the two previous outputs Something Weirdcore and Cyclops i poka and off the edge of the record at 1000km/h. With a hardcore opening track titled 'IIIiiiIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiiiiiIIIIIiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiiiii' (I added several more I's in there for dramatic effect) that clocks with everything it needs to say at under 2 minutes, it's safe to say that Cucumb45 aka Bjarki in this EP is WIDE AWAKE, YES! Take 'OpxThermin' - it's straight up full-bore hardcore cartoon-pyrotechnics in overload, skipping and skedaddling over the turntables. Flipping out in a wild cocktail rush of hardcore ruffidge and smudged breaks that's all smacked out on sugar frosted meth, listeners are gonna need some surgery to remove the smiley gurns from their faces. 'Get Slothered 6even2' effectively can't keep still as a track. From the collapsing rhythms and the pinging sound effects, it then decides what's needed is a little bit of hip-hop flow in the background. Many hardcore rave re-treads (sorry, 'deconstructed rave music') often forget what this track seems to do at ease, and that is get you goddamn moving. 'Rathakrem' might have glitchy ambient Nintendo 90s vibe checks, but it is VERY un-chill. Stressed out hard drives grind to dust and distressed sounds of arcade dynamics mean that what you hear is the sound of Mario bricking it through all those haunted castle sections. Ironically the last track, 'Crying Indian and Laser Horse' is the EP chill out tune, aiming instead for a nice, soothing, bottoms out disco-fister oompa-loompa warehouse techno track with auto-tuned cats, gunfire, orgasms, and horses. A fine soundtrack for the morning commute!

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