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Crumb/ Zarebinska/ Grodecki - Three Early Songs / Vox Balaena

Crumb/ Zarebinska/ Grodecki - Three Early Songs / Vox Balaena

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For over 60 years, George Crumb's music has been recognised as a sonoristic phenomenon that cannot be compared to the output of other artists composing at the same time. Although the catalogue of artistic influences under which Crumb was over the years is extremely extensive (starting from introducing quotes from the works by Johann Sebastian Bach, ending with a sporadic use of harmonic and rhythmic means identical with the style of Claude Debussy and Béla Bartók), these inspirations - even in the earliest phase of his activity - would usually turn out to be only a contribution to the creation of original music forms and crystallisation of a sonoristic sound landscape typical of the composer. This album includes three completely stylistically different compositions by George Crumb, depicting different stages of the composer's sonoristic quest.
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