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Bombworks Records

Crimson Thorn - Plagued

Crimson Thorn - Plagued

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Crimson Thorn employs a different vocal style on the 1992 demo called Plagued. In contrast to the guttural low-end monster vocals of Unearthed, the vocals are harsh, yet more reminiscent of late 80's thrash. The guitars and drums sound like a combination of Anthrax and Metallica and some of the songs are quite long, with guitar solos and fast tom drum fills. The music is great. In fact, some of these riffs seem very reminiscent of original Metallica tracks! Song titles like "Perverse Policies" and "Misrepresented Representatives" call to mind the wit and cynicism of Megadeth. The open guitar section in this latter song totally reminds us of Metallica. It is obvious these guys could clearly throw it down in 1992 and do so with authority, and for demo material it's excellent! This is the first time these 7 tracks/36 minutes of thrashy death metal music is available on Vinyl. The tracks have been culled from a new and improved source for this vinyl release and mastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound. Limited to just 200 copies - do not delay in getting this treasured classic! For fans of Death, early Mortification, Vengeance Rising, Bolt Thrower.

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