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Chopin/ Gomez-Tagle - Si

Chopin/ Gomez-Tagle - Si

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Leticia Gomez-Tagle writes of her new release: "The title of this album is a play on words: 'Si' means 'yes' in Spanish, but it also refers to the musical note B. Since all the sonatas on this album are in the key of B minor, I decided to give it this title. Among the works on this recording are some of the most important sonatas by two of the most 'pianistic' composers of the Romantic era. I have played these works over the course of many years, and my interpretation has matured to the point where I was happy to record them. The third and final sonata on this album is a Baroque jewel: a very simple and short sonata by Domenico Scarlatti that serves as a culmination and conclusion of everything that happened before."

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