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Buffalo Bop

Chick Chick/ Various - Chick Chick

Chick Chick/ Various - Chick Chick

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Once again rockin' & rollin' for you - 30 fast tracks. Junior Dean & the Avalons: Chick Chick, Steve Bledsoe: Dumb Dumb Bunny, Kenny Owen: I Got the Bug, Jimmy Crain: Rock-A Sock-A Hop, Floyd Henderson: Nosy Rosy, R. Dean Taylor: At the High School Dance, Bobby Lawson: If You Want My Love, Kip Tyler: She Got Eyes, Bill Ennis: I'm Hypnotized plus more tracks. Rich Miller: What-Cha Gonna Say, Bobby Lawson: Baby Don't Be That Way, Billy Wayne & the Torches: Coming Home, the Raging Storms: The Dribble (Twist), Jimmy Ford: Gotta Gal, Willie Ward: Iggy Joe, Doug Warren: Around Midnight, Don Winters: Pretty Moon, Denny Noie & the Catalinas: It Ain't a Big Thing, Donnie Nix: Ain't About to Go Home, the Duals: Wait Up Baby, Oliver Cool: Nobody Can, Like Jo-Anne Can, Johnny Carlton: She's a Moonlighter, Ronnie Haig: Money Is a Thing of the Past, Ernie Daro: Rock Tonight, Roy Clark: Please Mr. Mayor, Johnny Fraser: Rock with the Mambo, Vinnie Vincent: Hey! Cobella, Lewis Webber: Queen of Rock 'N Roll, John Shur: I Got Caught in the Washing Machine (And I'm Gonna Twist All Night), Oliver Cool: The Scream.

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