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Carl Verheyen - Riverboat Sky

Carl Verheyen - Riverboat Sky

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Riverboat Sky is a collection of accessible songs written and road tested by guitarist Carl Verheyen and his band of virtuoso musicians. The title track is a duet with Sophia James of American Idol fame. And Carl's regular touring band of Dave Marotta (bass), John Mader (drums) and Troy Dexter (keyboards) is supplemented by satellite members Jim Cox on keyboards, Alex Acuna on percussion and Chad Wackerman on drums. "I learned a valuable lesson from all those years making records and touring with Supertramp. We always lamented that the record was a demo for the tour, because the songs developed so much more on the road. This time I was fortunate to play the music for a year and a half before committing it to CD and vinyl, so the songs feel much more fully realized. It was a luxury recording music we all knew so well."

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