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Cardio Karate: Total Body Martial Arts

Cardio Karate: Total Body Martial Arts

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Burn fat and tone muscles the healthy way with Cardio Karate Total Body Martial Arts - Martial Combos, a DVD that draws it's influence from two styles of Kung Fu, Choi Lei Faht (Chinese) and lama pai (Tibetan). The authentic martial techniques are taught one move and a time and then added together to make one powerful combination. The Martial Cardio challenge towards the end of the workout gives you an extra boost of cardio intensity. The journey ultimately leads to an internal breathing and stretching series meant to aid recovery and increase longevity. Instructor/host Steve Feinberg is the creator of speedball fitness and a regular fitness expert for a variety of local, national and international media. His commentary or programs have been featured on television, the web, print media and radio programs worldwide. Steve has also been featured in several industry publications including the "25th Annual I.D.E.A. World Fitness Convention". in between his business obligations, Steve has found the time to study Eskrima, Butterfly Hands, Choi Lei Faht and Lama Pi Kung Fu, Yang-Style Michuan Tai Chi Chuan, Capoeira and Boxing.

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