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Cage/ Romain Nosbaum - Reflections

Cage/ Romain Nosbaum - Reflections

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"Why 'Reflections'? Because every kind of music affects each of us differently. That's why I chose to include three very opposite composers, but also because I wanted to show that for some "subconscious" reason they fit together perfectly... Bach leads us to inner reflection. His music invites us to think deeply and arouses emotions. Ravel 'reflects' visions, mirroring natural events such as flowing water, trees moving in the wind, and much else. Cage, and especially In a Landscape, provokes a more unemotional reflection of ourselves. His music invites us to look at ourselves and the rest of the world from the outside. Ultimately, the magic of music lies in how it is reflected in each of us and how we share it with the audience." (Romain Nosbaum)

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