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Cold Busted

Bust Free 22/ Various - BUST FREE 22 (Various Artists)

Bust Free 22/ Various - BUST FREE 22 (Various Artists)

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If one thing seems certain in the realm of downtempo and instrumental hip-hop sounds, it's the arrival of another high quality Bust Free compilation chock full of amazing producers, both known and new. Cold Busted is now issuing Bust Free 22 - yes, the 22nd in the acclaimed series - and it might be the best one yet. These 14 beat-lab concoctions bring out the best in Cold Busted, with previously unheard delights from a global gathering of top notch artists. From Es-K to Sim Nagai, Leo Low Pass & Emapea to DJ Taek - there's much to discover, whether on boomin' systems or cozy earbuds. Highlights include Bay Area beatsmith Nu Vintage and his frequent collaborator, the multi-instrumentalist Pat Van Dyke, exploring the futuristic edges of a beachside hip-hop lounge with the flute-laden feel-good tune "Daylight." Gentle piano, a serene saxophone, and breezy vibes float over tough downtempo beats on "On The Way Home," a delightfully laid back cut from Polish freestyle-footballer turned beat-maker MichRyc. There's "In A Good Mood," sonically shuffling it's way out of the '70s and into today's head-nodding beat-zone. Produced by Cologne's Midan, this cut glides by with smooth guitar licks and keyboard melodies, delivering on the promise of it's title. Maria Whoat brings some deep heat to bear with the subdued bop of "Between You And Me." Lowdown bass moves, swirling tones and textures, and a tough-as-nails slo-mo drum track recall the trippiest moments of the trip hop canon. Listeners will also uncover "Overpass," a lively and upbeat track from sus9th that proves the old adage that the early bird catches the earworm. An instantly memorable melody guides a percussive rhythm, filtered chords, and percolating synths. Japanese crate digger and turntable maestro Pigeondust ventures to exotic locales with "Nova," a cut that aims to dazzle with bewitching vocal motifs, chiming electric piano chords, and a killer drum beat that's more than ready for prime time. These cuts and more will fulfill any discerning listener's craving for high protein Bust Free beats.
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