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Coviello Classics

Bodenschatze/ Various - Bodenschatze

Bodenschatze/ Various - Bodenschatze

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The collection Florilegium Portense by Erhard Bodenschatz (c. 1576-1636), first published in 1603, contained 365 motets by 58 composers. It was something like a standard work of the cantors in the Thuringian-Saxon area, which is also proven to have been used by Johann Sebastian Bach. Chorwerk Ruhr let's us discover the music here that was so important to Bach that he even reordered the Florilegium. CHORWERK RUHR is one of the most important chamber choirs in Germany. The vocal ensemble was founded in 1999 by the Ruhr Area Municipal Association, the City of Essen and the State Ministry for Labor, Social Affairs, Urban Development, Culture and Sport and has developed into a solid pillar of vocal art in German-speaking countries. The extraordinary quality of the choir is to meet the special requirements of soloists as well as to achieve a perfect fusion of the ensemble in the choral sound.

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