Big Scary - Me & You - Limited Gum Leaf Green Colored Vinyl

Big Scary - Me & You - Limited Gum Leaf Green Colored Vinyl

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Australian duo Big Scary are returning with their fifth LP "Me and You!"Whilst 2021's "Daisy" saw the band get a little bit silly and a little bit rock opera, "Me and You" displays the slowed-down version of their creative dynamic. Guitars are back on the menu, with the acoustic returning to the fore (harking back to very early Big Scary days). The hero of "Daisy", the synthesiser, takes a back seat to the grand piano. String arrangements are used to create tension, or Bacharach-inspired romance, while Tom and Jo singing in unison peppers a sweetness across the album. Making for yet another beautiful instalment in the Big Scary story.Tom was a strummer. Jo was a drummer. The two began jamming in a suburban Melbourne living room and became Big Scary. 15 years later, Tom Iansek and Jo Syme are recognised as one of Australian music's most respected and restlessly innovative indie partnerships.Together, they've cultivated a dedicated following and a community of like-minded musicians, played countless sold out tours and the nation's finest festivals, with a catalogue that's earned several ARIA, AIR and J Award nominations, Hottest 100 entries, and the prestigious Australian Music Prize (for their 2013 album Not Art). It's not style or a particular sound that defines Big Scary, but rather the dynamic synergy between Tom and Jo, and it is this connection that served as inspiration for a great creative outpouring that brought forth both 2021's Daisy and now new LP Me and You.
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