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Beethoven/ Collot - Marche Fatale

Beethoven/ Collot - Marche Fatale

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The French pianist Jean-Pierre Collot presents a highly interesting and, at first glance, unusual juxtaposition of the music of Lachenmann [*1935] with that of Ludwig van Beethoven [1770-1827]. Franz Liszt's [1811 - 1886] piano transcription of Beethoven's 6th Symphony Pastorale is in dialogue with Serynade and Marche fatale by Helmut Lachenmann. In this WDR production, Collot comes across as a contemporary painter and creates fascinating timbres and shades of these highly virtuoso masterpieces. This album was created in collaboration with Helmut Lachenmann. Serynade, the title of his great piano music is intentionally misspelled, with a y instead of an e. This shift of letters conceals the first letter of his wife's first name, the pianist Yukiko Sugawara, to whom the piece is dedicated.
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