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Aria The Origination Collection

Aria The Origination Collection

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As winter melts into spring, Akari, Aika and Alice continue to work hard to become Neo-Venezia's top gondoliers. Aika starts to take on more responsibility around Himeya; Alice travels up the challenging canal near Hope Hill; even Akari spends a day working on a huge gondola called a traghetto! But there's still so much to learn and the final test to become a Prima, which once seemed so far off in the future, might not be so far off anymore. Junichi Sato's heart-warming masterpiece is now in high-definition! This special 5-disc Blu-ray collection contains the entire 14-episode ARIA The ORIGINATION TV series as well as ARIA The OVA ARIETTA and ARIA The AVVENIRE. Each series is presented in high definition with both stereo and 5.1 surround tracks! Bonus features: Cast and Director Discussions, English Cast Commentary, SATOJUN's Venice, I'm Sorry! Returns, Picture Dramas, Clean Closing, and U.S. Trailer. Audio: Japanese 2.0 LPCM, English 2.0 & 5.1 LPCM, English Subtitles; Video: 1080p 16x9 original aspect ratio.

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