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Aperghis/ Teodoro Anzellotti - Origami

Aperghis/ Teodoro Anzellotti - Origami

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Since it's birth 200 years ago, the accordion has experienced a wild odyssey through the most diverse musical worlds. Teodoro Anzellotti plays a decisive role in it's integration into the world of new music. Anzellotti records five works for accordion solo at WDR, which were written on his skin. The pieces reveal the enormous range of the instrument among others composed by Georges Aperghis, awarded the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize in 2022. Anzellotti, born in Italy, raised and residing in Germany, performs as a soloist at the most important festivals and music centers throughout the world. He is engaged by prestigious orchestras as a soloist, winner of international competitions and inseparable from the appearance of the accordion in the classical musical life.
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