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Angelis/ J.S. Bach / Levickis - Autograph

Angelis/ J.S. Bach / Levickis - Autograph

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From powerful and impressive but also minimalist contours to soulful and native harmonies further on towards fiery and flying rhythms - on this very personal album entitled "Autograph" Martynas Levickis, as soloist, arranger and composer, presents all the colors and sounds of the instrument he adores and of which he is the master: the accordion. In 2010, at the age of 20, he made the jump to the big stages of the music world when he won both the World Accordion Championship and a major Lithuanian talent show. Since then, Martynas Levickis has seen himself as an ambassador for his instrument, whose versatility and beauty he brings into focus with sophisticated arrangements and programs that span eras and genres. "Autograph" spans an arc from the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to the present with works by Philip Glass and Franck Angelis. It impressively proves that the accordion has also found it's place in classical music.

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