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Capella De Ministrer

Alfonso/ Capella De Ministrers/ Magraner - Cantigas de Santa Maria

Alfonso/ Capella De Ministrers/ Magraner - Cantigas de Santa Maria

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This release compiles Cantigas de Santa Maria from Capella de Ministrers' recordings: El Grial (CDM1845), La Ruta de la Seda (CDM1743), Ramon Llull (CDM1640), Moresca (CDM1028), Musica Angelica (PMV004) and Lamento di Tristano (CDM0307). The edition of this album commemorates the 800th anniversary of the birth of Alfonso X el Sabio, the 10th anniversary of Early Music Morella and Xacobeo 2021. Ever since it's foundation in 1987, the Capella de Ministrers ensemble, directed by Carles Magraner, has developed an important investigative and musicological task in favor of the musical Spanish patrimony, from the medieval times up to the 19th century. The result transformed into musical testimony, brings together the perfection of three key factors: the historical rigor, the musical sensibility and, specially, an uncontrollable desire to communicate and they make us participants of these experiences.
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