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Adoy - Her - Orange Swirl

Adoy - Her - Orange Swirl

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Adoy is: Juhwan (vocals, guitar) Zee (synths) Dayoung (bass, vocals) Geunchang (drums) Adoy formed in mid 2016, when Juhwan, Zee and Dayoung met within the Seoul indie music community. Without much money, the band started making rough demos in Juhwan's home in a very DIY setting, and when they were confident about their output a year later, they started a successful fundraising campaign to produce their first EP, 'CATNIP.' Those people who funded the project were inscribed forever in the inner sleeve of the 2017 album. The EP ended up being a success story, as it topped the Korean indie sales chart multiple times, and the title song 'Grace' was nominated for best modern rock song of 2018 Korean Music Awards. In mid 2018, Adoy released it's second EP 'LOVE.' It topped the Korean Apple Music electronic chart, and propelled the band to play in bigger venues in and out of Korea. Adoy made frequent appearances in the biggest rock festivals in Korea, and also held a successful Asia tour. In late 2019, the band put out their first full-length album 'VIVID,' which featured some different musical colors from previous releases, like the instrumental 'Moondance,' collaboration work with Woo in 'Porter,' and Dayoung's solo voice in 'Swim.' Amidst the COVID outbreak, Adoy's gig life was halted for a while in 2020, but work in the studio continued on, and Adoy has new musical ideas coming to life in 2021 and beyond. Adoy released her], their third EP album, on this August 2023.

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