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Abel/ Il Gardellino - Chamber Music

Abel/ Il Gardellino - Chamber Music

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The most critical Leopold Mozart appreciated the chamber music works by Johann Christian Bach the light, fluid style and remarked quite rightly that compose such music is more difficult "than all the most incomprehensible Artificial harmonic progressions and difficult to execute Melodyen". This one may be stated for the Chamber Music Carl Friedrich Abel, whose works were considered by his contemporaries even as a measure of good music. The chamber music of the two was probably for private concerts at the House of Composers in aristocratic or wealthy bourgeois patrons and of course at the soirees of the English queen who was even an accomplished harpsichordist. Abel and Johann Christian Bach are today considered an important pioneer of Viennese Classicism. Above all, they are significant and stylistic contemporaries an era that elegance and grace have the same meaning in the music meted out as the only the connoisseurs reserved contrapuntal art. Performed by a top-notch ensemble occupied as Il Gardellino unfolds the music only her charm.

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