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30-Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back

30-Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back

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30-Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back will increase the strength and flexibility of your back safely in the comfort of your own home. This program was designed by fitness professional Kelly Coffey-Meyers in conjunction with a licensed chiropractor and practicing physical therapists. Research reveals that many people suffer with mild to extreme back discomfort. With continued use of 30-Minutes to Fitness Your Healthy Back, you'll feel better as your core strength and flexibility increases. This unique self-care DVD will guide you through eight different exercises that simulate everyday movements of your back and hips. 30-Minutes to Fitness Your Healthy Back can help you improve and maintain a healthier foundation. Also included is an abbreviated 15 minute mix to use as an add-on to your regular workout or for days when 30 minutes are too hard to spare. This isn't a lot of hard work that will bring great rewards in the future - this is a little bit of smart work that brings you small rewards daily! No equipment needed.

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