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Auris Subtilis

Stamitz/ Ensemble Amadeus - 10 Symphonies

Stamitz/ Ensemble Amadeus - 10 Symphonies

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As a world premiere recording, the label auris subtilis edits ten of the symphonies by Carl Philipp Stamitz, most of them written in Paris, in a double album and with a musicological introduction by Alexander Keuk. Carl Stamitz has so far been little researched and edited, and is therefore likely to find a high interest in classical music lovers and satisfy their hunger for new and previously undiscovered repertoire. For more than twenty years, Normann Kastner and amateur and professional musicians from the Chemnitz/Zwickau region have been passionately dedicated to the repertoire of classical and early classical music. The ambitious result of the research and the setup by Normann Kastner and a multitude of rehearsals, the recordings and concerts of the Ensemble Amadeus can be heard and admired with the present recording.

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