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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Transitions And Finalizations

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Transitions And Finalizations

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This DVD deals with transitions between positions and progressive finalizations seen in detail for maximum efficiency. Finalizing his opponent is the ultimate goal sought by any BJJ artist. Details will make the difference between a submission attempt that can bring a benefit and the development of a guaranteed finalization that will make you win the fight. Nicolas ROMANA: I started with jiu-jitsu in 2005 under the leadership of Jeremy Idels, my master and professor at Kajyn. Due to his teaching, I wanted to convey to my students through this DVD that every detail of a technique counts and that they are the essence of our discipline. Vice champion of France FFL Grappling GI - 80kg 2010; Vice champion of France FFL Grappling NoGi - 80 kg 2011; 3rd French Championship CFJJB 2011 adulto marron medio; Champion of France CFJJB 2012 adulto marron leveVice champion of France CFJJB 2013 adulto marron leve; Vice champion of France master black belt 2016. Hopefully you will find some answers in this video to this challenging, addictive and complex strategy game.

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