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Best Of 5 Experts: Savate Self Defense

Best Of 5 Experts: Savate Self Defense

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By five great European experts: Eric Quequet - Savate Defense; Richard Douieb - Krav Maga; Franck Ropers - Penchak Silat; Eric Laulagnet - Kali / Jeet Kune Do; Michel Carron - Taekwondo; Never seen on DVD before! Discover five great European Experts showing more than 120 Self Defense techniques against all kinds of attacks from the front, the side or from behind. Each one demonstrates his own way to counter the same attacks! This Self Defense Collection shows various kinds of attacks: Self Defense against attacks from the front - Self Defense against attacks from the side & from behind - Self Defense against an armed person - Self Defense against two empty-handed aggressors - Self Defense in Realistic Situation; The techniques are presented in real speed motion as well as in slow motion and from various angles. Each technique is fully explained for a better understanding of the movements. You are taught to defend yourself against attacks on three different levels: the head, the chest, and the legs.

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