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30 Minutes to Fitness: Start Here

30 Minutes to Fitness: Start Here

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The 30 Minutes to Fitness Start Here DVD with Kelly Coffey-Meyer will get you started on your health and fitness journey from the comforts of your own home. You'll enjoy two separate 30-minute sessions, which include an easy-to-follow cardio workout and a safe and effective body sculpting routine. With 'Start Here', you'll feel and look better as you tone up your arms, trim down your legs, increase your strength and burn maximum calories. 30 Minutes to Fitness 'Start Here' is also a great for working around minor physical limitations, post-pregnancy comebacks, hectic schedules, graduating from a beginner status, or having stopped working out and just need to start back up. If you are an advanced exerciser, use these workouts on your rest days or on days when your body is dragging and not ready for a long, intense session. 'Start Here' will elevate your mood, get rid of stiffness and help you feel energized for the day ahead. Just because you're advanced... doesn't mean you can't 'Start Here' and feel great! Attention all Walkers... muscle burns calories... start here! Equipment used: Dumbbells.

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