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12 Minute Workout Yoga Emergency: Full Leg Stretch

12 Minute Workout Yoga Emergency: Full Leg Stretch

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We all hurt sometimes - whether from too much driving or flying, overdoing a workout or just working at a desk. Yoga Emergency - the 12 Minute Workout DVD series is designed to ease your sore hips, release tight shoulders and backs, and stretch out your legs. Targeted specifically to lengthen and stretch your legs, this workout will give you the simple, yet effective tools you need to feel better now and anytime. The beauty of Yoga Emergency for Your Legs is that it is easy - anyone young or old can benefit from these stretches. You'll learn postures that are designed to go with you throughout your day to offer relief and peace no matter where you are. Find the remedy you need on one DVD, or combine them for a full body approach that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized like never before!

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