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Godzilla Destruction Tour T-Shirt

Godzilla Destruction Tour T-Shirt

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Godzilla Destruction Tour T-Shirt Go into attack mode when you join in on Godzilla's World Destruction Tour! Godzilla has certainly made his rounds throughout the world, with terror and destruction that began back in 1954 where he made his first appearance. Kaiju a Japanese giant monster as seen here on the front of this t-shirt, the classic and unforgettable iconic creature. This picture of Godzilla is a great vintage wear that even has him in classic green color. On the back of the shirt, a list of all the places Godzilla has 'Destroyed' from Tokyo to New York, to Devils Island, which shows us that one thing is for sure, you'll be a large force to be reckoned with when wearing a Godzilla t-shirt.
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