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Loeb/ Wallace/ Galimir Quartet - Hidden Pathways

Loeb/ Wallace/ Galimir Quartet - Hidden Pathways

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This is an album of works by American composer David Loeb, with works composed over more than four decades. David Loeb's catalog of compositions is unusually extensive and diverse. In addition to the expected assortment of works for orchestra, various chamber combinations, soloists, and voice, he has also written many pieces for Asian instruments (in addition to Japanese, some for Chinese, Korean, Thai, and Mongol) and for early Western instruments (in addition to viols, some for lute, harpsichord, and recorder). He has often brought these instruments together in unique combinations, such as four shakuhachi and four viols; flute, guitar, koto, and shakuhachi; and khaen, flute, guitar, cello, and percussion. More than one hundred of his compositions have been recorded in an anthology of 22 albums on the Vienna Modern Masters label (including the three pieces referenced above), and about thirty other pieces appear on various other labels. Fifteen of his compositions (mostly for piccolo) are published by ALRY, several other pieces (an orchestra piece and viol pieces) have been published by PRB. Additional pieces were published by the Viola da Gamba Societies of the US and Japan.

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