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Krcek/ Czech Philharmonic Quartet - Four String Quartets

Krcek/ Czech Philharmonic Quartet - Four String Quartets

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This new release includes four string quartets by the Czech composer Jaroslav Krcek. The first quartet was written in 2017 at the request of the Czech Philharmonic Quartet. The joyful performance of this piece inspired the composer to write his next two quartets. The fourth is inspired by Leoš Janácek. The Czech Philharmonic Quartet was founded in 2000 as the initiative of Czech Philharmonic members. It's members are: Štepán Pražák (first violin), Viktor Mazácek (second violin), Jirí Poslední and Jakub Dvorák (violoncello). Their sound has been highly awarded by critics, and revered by fans. They appear regularly in Czech festivals and concerts and also in Japan, Israel, China, Great Britain or Germany. Jaroslav Krcek is very specific composer. He is interested in folk music, old spiritual songs, Christmas carols and in renaissance and baroque compositions. He founded Musica Bohemica ensemble, and has recorded more than 80 albums.

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