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Adventure Music

Jovino Neto Santos - Piano Masters Series, Vol. 4

Jovino Neto Santos - Piano Masters Series, Vol. 4

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In a recurrent dream of mine, I find myself in a room full of pianos of all colors and sizes, and I am free to walk around and play them as I wish. This dream became a reality, thanks to Richard Zirinsky, Jr. from Adventure Music and Jim Luce from Klavierhaus, who made it possible for me to come into the Fazioli Piano Salon in New York and make myself at home. And what a home it was: a treasure room full of amazing instruments, just waiting to be played. I selected one Fazioli concert grand, which was then tuned and adjusted to my playing style, and went on to play whatever music flowed into my mind over three evenings, pressing the record button as I took a journey into the heart of a beautiful piano. Over the course of the recording, I could feel the Fazioli changing it's voice to fit my playing, as my touch and dynamics changed to explore the feel and the sound of the piano. It gave me a sensation of connection and symbiosis, a fantastic musical experience. Out of those sessions we selected the music on this CD - a blend of old and new standards, original compositions and free improvisations. The high-definition recording captured every nuance; I can even hear the air in the room as I listen to the tracks. I dedicate this music to all those who love the voice of the piano, and I hope that the sincerity and honesty of the performance touches each heart that listens to it. - Jovino Santos Neto, Seattle, Washington - December 2011.

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