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Adventure Music

Jovino Neto Santos - Live at Caramoor

Jovino Neto Santos - Live at Caramoor

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For nearly fifteen years, I have watched in amazement as the Caramoor Jazz Festival has grown into one of the greatest festivals in the world. Over this time, some of the greatest jazz artists in the world have graced the stage at the Venetian Theatre at Caramoor, and I wanted to make sure Jovino and Weber were part of the 2007 festival. The idea of recording Jovino Santos Neto and Weber Iago together came as a result of a series of extraordinary salon concerts that I co-produced with Richard Zirinsky of Adventure Music at the Fazioli Salon on piano row at Klavierhaus in New York City. For this holy night in July 2007, Richard and I decided, for the first time ever in the States, to bring two Fazioli D308 concert grand pianos to the stage, and let the music fly with two masters on two masterpieces! Each Fazioli piano is hand made in Italy and it takes nearly three years for one instrument to come to life... and come to life they did with a program of music that I am certain will knock you off your feet. At the end of the night, a great surprise happened when Joe Lovano came onstage to join the pianists with an amazing version of "Wave," by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Special things happen in jazz at the spur of the moment, and THIS was a surprise captured for the ages. Jim Luce, Producer Caramoor Jazz Festival.

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