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Jack Cheshire - Long Mind Hotel

Jack Cheshire - Long Mind Hotel

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2013 release from the British singer/songwriter. Quintessentially English, Long Mind Hotel comes from a strange and beautiful constellation. Literally brimming with intriguing stories, it is exquisitely, poetically lyrical. There is an intensity to the work, possibly born of time constraints and tensions which arose, mainly around which takes to use (each one tended to differ). It lends the album great focus. In many ways it is a 'coming of age, a taking stock of life's predicaments, limitations and neuroses' album, taking in anesthesia and a hospital stay ('Postcard from Sedation'), unraveling the indulgences of drug taking ('Long Mind Hotel'), social alienation ('Into the Void'), aspiring to optimism ('Heavenly Bodies') and being in love ('Moving in a Straight Line').

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