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Black Jesus Experience - Good Evening Black Buddha

Black Jesus Experience - Good Evening Black Buddha

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Good Evening Black Buddha is Black Jesus Experience's seventh studio album. Inspired by the land we live on and the connection to all that have gone before and will follow, inspired by the multicultural power of our community, inspired by the paradox of the story of the Black Buddha. From the perversity of the pandemic and it's imposition of separation comes Good Evening Black Buddha, celebrating togetherness. Darkness is light. At the heart of Black Jesus Experience's inspiration is Ethiopian/Australian singer Enushu Taye. Enushu's openness and poetic insight, delivered with unique beauty in her own Amharic tongue, lie at the core of Good Evening Black Buddha and all that Black Jesus Experience (BJX) do. MC Mista Monk (Liam Monkhouse) complements and contrasts with rhymes and flow born of Africa and outback Australia.

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