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audiomachine - Existence

audiomachine - Existence

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Surrender your senses and enter the world of EXISTENCE, an intrinsically cinematic experience forged by the creative fire of audiomachine composer, Kevin Rix.  EXISTENCE is an impassioned saga, infused with the spirit of humanity.  The 18 tracks that make up EXISTENCE, are the culmination of two epic recording sessions that gave rise to the stirring stories of MILLENNIUM and the compelling final chapters of ORIGINS.   Composer Kevin Rix has revealed, 'When I first started composing EXISTENCE, my goal was to tell a story with music. After almost two years in the making, I'm excited to share EXISTENCE with you.  I hope you experience as much enjoyment immersing yourself in the music as I did in creating it.' audiomachine invites you to experience "Millennium," with passage beyond the boundaries of time, as you endure an undying soul's "Existence." Surrender to an ideal of hope as it emerges "Beyond the Clouds," breathing life into the promise of a "New Beginning." Embark on a perilous journey as it surges through the "Destroyer," leaving you to wander the ashes of a scorched earth during the "100 Years War." Lament the loss of love and life as dreams collapse for "The Last Immortal," whose harrowing past holds the key to salvation when "The Future is Upon Us." Music calls to the greatness living in all of us-the seed of every story planted firmly in the soul of the notes. Listen closely for the story your soul wants to tell as it evolves in audiomachine's EXISTENCE.
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