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Aroah - El Dia Despues

Aroah - El Dia Despues

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Aroah's much anticipated third studio long player, El Día Después, brings ten songs sung in Spanish where sincerity lays next to hope: smart, moving, stylistic and melancholic folk pop music that's often orchestral yet intimate. Irene Tremblay goes from somber blame into the brightness of a morning walk, like faint sunlight slipping through leaves. 29 minutes worth of poetry, rich instrumentation and sharp observations of everyday life. El Día Después is a record of an intense, harsh reflection. Produced by Raül Fernandez (Refree), who also helped Irene crafting the acoustic and inspired atmosphere of "En el patio interior", an EP released about two years ago. In this new album, Irene's voice sounds like anew and clean. Not far from Ida, Mary Timony or Lisa Germano, Irene now turns what used to be folk raised in an American hotbed into a sincere and moving and (often) orchestral pop. We either have to point out El día después is nearly a rupture with Aroah's first two records, or just mention she has chosen to take a new and adventurous path. Irene reveals all of her poetry, talent, humor and shy optimism throughout it's 29 minutes. Aroah has grown older, wiser. All of her thoughts evolve in this touching album of beautiful simplicity.

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