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Arnedo/ Taubkin/ Taubkin/ Reze - Fronteiras Imaginarias

Arnedo/ Taubkin/ Taubkin/ Reze - Fronteiras Imaginarias

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"In 2005 we began a beautiful experience of integration and musical discoveries of the continent through Contemporary America: a collective of nine musicians from seven countries in South America. At our first performance in São Paulo, I was surprised by the news that a Colombian saxophonist was in the city; had come especially to attend the concert, and wanted to us to know. It was Antonio Arnedo - who joined us on stage as a very special guest. Recently, I received a call from Antonio - he would come from Colombia, and he proposed that we record together. On our continent, the borders are many. Between rich and poor, between different countries, between those who were here, and those who arrived after 1500. But all of them imaginary. We will celebrate the day when they will cease to exist."Benjamim Taubkin

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