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Frankie Yankovic - Polka King

Frankie Yankovic - Polka King

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Polka King 48 Polka & Wlatz Medley album for sale by Frankie Yankovic was released Jan 30, 2002 on the Polka City label. America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, gets you on your feet with this entertaining and upbeat CD. Polka King 48 Polka & Wlatz Medley songs Includes both polka's and Waltz medleys, featuring distinctive rhythms he made famous-namely the Slovenian style adopted from his own roots. Enjoy the Pennsylvania Polka, Beer Barrel Polka, and You Can't Be True Dear and many more. Polka King 48 Polka & Waltz Medley CD music contains a single disc with 2 songs.
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