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Senseless Things - First Of Too Many - Expanded Edition

Senseless Things - First Of Too Many - Expanded Edition

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Three CDs. Expanded and revisited anniversary edition of the Senseless Things' second album The First Of Too Many. The band was known and loved for their intense and passionate touring, which saw them playing relentlessly through the UK, Europe, Japan & The US. The cover art for the first two Senseless Things' albums and most single releases around the same period was provided by comic artist Jamie Hewlett, creator of Tank Girl and later Gorillaz. Both Cass Browne and Morgan Nicholls of the band would go on to play substantial roles within the Gorillaz project and live band. Tragically, Senseless Things vocalist and songwriter Mark Keds passed away in early 2021. In honor of Mark's memory, founding members Morgan Nicholls and Cass Browne have revisited their classic album 30 years later, returning to the original master tapes and producing a fantastic new anniversary edition which is included here, along with the original 1991 mix of the record. Also included in a blistering and never-released live recording, by Senseless Things on their First of Too Many Tour in support of the album. Recorded at their Camden Palace performance of June 1991 on a 24-track Mobile Recording Unit, the tapes have been rescued, restored and given a full new mix again by the band's own Morgan Nicholls. This CD edition also includes the band live at Camden Palace in June 1991.
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