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Lucas Niggli Sound of Serendipity Tentet - Play!

Lucas Niggli Sound of Serendipity Tentet - Play!

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With the Sound Of Serendipity Tentet, Lucas Niggli, who hasbeen at the forefront of Swiss-European jazz for many years, brings together some of the most exciting musicians from the local jazz and improvisation scene. Stirring music is created in a highly original playing instruction via 40 composed playing cards, implemented by this ten-member ensemble of strong personalities and the factor of chance. And so, Play! Is a vehicle to negotiate a spectrum of composed and improvised behaviour in the form of a card game played over three rounds. "On the one hand, we hear a composition which sounds like an expansion of Lucas Niggli's musical character: mercurial, highly detailed, uncannily responsive to others, unafraid of groove. And yet on the other, I suspect that the listener familiar with the individual performers on the recording will smile to themselves at how vibrantly those performers' own individual characteristics are set into relief by Niggli's game".
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