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Katharina Weber / Fred Frith / Fredy Studer - It Rolls

Katharina Weber / Fred Frith / Fredy Studer - It Rolls

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A new "piano icon" - this is how Fred Frith describes Katharina Weber. For almost thirty years now the classically trained pianist and composer has moved within the world of new music and Improvisation. Energy and silence - being focused, aware, yet at the same time relaxed and open. This is exactly the state she also finds important for improvising. In percussionist Fredy Studer and guitarist Fred Frith, Ms. Weber has evidently found two like-minded partners: Studer, the wild Hardcore-Chamber-music-drummer with a liking for driving grooves and Frith, the multi and poly-lingual sound artist among contemporary guitarists. Alongside the music's complexity is a discreet kind of awareness of form; a conciseness, clarity and logic surely originating in the manifold individual experiences of Frith, Studer and Weber in the most diverse musical settings, from which they have now found a common means of expression and a common joy of playing.
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