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Mono Jazz

Chet Baker - Chet On Poetry

Chet Baker - Chet On Poetry

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Vinyl LP pressing. "Chet On Poetry is his last record in studio, but indeed it differs from the others and it is one of the best and the most charming one. Chet was in a good shape in Rome, in those Winter days, and he had the right partners. First of all you have to listen to him when he reads poetry." This is how the great Italian critic Franco Fayenz introduces this recording in his liner notes. Chet On Poetry actually is West Coast's trumpet superstar last studio recording. Chet On Poetry is Chet's spiritual testament in music and probably one of his most meaningful records. "Chet On Poetry was not only the production of a record, but also a path of experimentation in another field, which was made possible through the profound human connection between myself, Chet, our poet friend Maurizio Guercini and later on Gianluca Manzi," states Nicola Stilo, artistic producer, composer of most of the music, flute and guitar player of this album. From the surreal poetry which introduces Duke Ellington's "In A Sentimental Mood" to the bluesy ballad "Almost Blue", which Elvis Costello dedicated to Chet and Chet picks up for this last masterpiece, delivers intensity and goes beyond any time criteria. Taken off the original tapes and remastered, this compact disc edition of Chet On Poetry, curated by Mono Jazz label, represent an indispensable addition to any serious Chet Baker's discography.

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