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Symphony 22: City of Light / Cto Cello & Orchestra

Symphony 22: City of Light / Cto Cello & Orchestra

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Hovhaness wrote stunning music, and many of his symphonies are coming into their own both on recordings and in concert halls. Almost unknown, however, is his Cello Concerto, composed early in his career (1936). It's a nice, if not glorious, work, and it foreshadows much of his later output. In particular, in it one gets the sense of his mysticism and spirituality which permeates his symphonies. Janos Starker plays it handsomely, the orchestra is good, and the phonics are excellent. The Symphony No. 22, titled "City of Light," is grand Hovhaness, with massive brass statements and elegant contrapuntal doodling. Again, playing and sound are first-rate. This CD is a beautiful bargain
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