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Mozart/ Rhodes/ Coad/ Durkin/ Sumegi/ Fiebig - Don Giovanni

Mozart/ Rhodes/ Coad/ Durkin/ Sumegi/ Fiebig - Don Giovanni

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Don Giovanni, a libertine, a rake with a devil-may-care attitude, is portrayed magnificently by Rhodes in this production, where he first appears on stage in a costume where less is definitely more! Charismatic and sexy, Rhodes' acting and singing are magnificent. His misused servant, Leporello, is played by Coad, who skillfully promotes the opera's comic elements whilst delivering a thumping bass full of drama. The classic stage designs of Oberle form the backdrop to the drama of Don Giovanni's last day on earth, before he is hurled in to Hell's flames by the Commendatore, Sumegi, whose basso profundo is befittingly momentous. A triumphant production from the director, Goran Jarvefelt.
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