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Belmondo/ Luc - 2

Belmondo/ Luc - 2

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Twenty years after the release of Ameskeri, their first multi-award winning duet album, trumpet player Stéphane Belmondo and guitarist Sylvain Luc have done it again, beautifully. The two freedom-loving buccaneers reveal, with the intimate 2.0, the maturity acquired from their rich experiences, but also a preserved youth. From the very first listen, the music stimulates both the brain and the heart. Apart from the album's two covers (a piece by Philippe Sarde and another by Stevie Wonder), the original compositions are profoundly refined, whether signed by Luc or Belmondo. From the opus flows, as if from an underground spring, the improvisation, fresh and nurtured by time, of experience. The title 2.0 refers to both the 20 years since Ameskeri came out and the leap that has projected us into a society that is changing in the face of digital technology. "Our duo dates back to the late 90s," says Belmondo. "It was born in a Parisian club-Le Baiser Salé-where we met at 2 a.m. and, just for fun, played until dawn." The release of Ameskeri (1999) led to many concerts all over the world. "In 2017, I founded a quintet with Stéphane, the Chemirani brothers, and Lionel Suarez," adds Luc. "After the band's first practice, Stéphane said, 'What a thrill it is to play together again, it makes me want to relaunch the duo!' to which I responded, without hesitation, 'You know my answer!' Soon after, we started the adventure again as a duo."
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