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Functional Fitness: Pain Free Back and Neck

Functional Fitness: Pain Free Back and Neck

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Suzanne Andrews, host of Functional Fitness and an Occupational Therapy Practitioner with over 25 years of exercise education experience, takes you through a series of therapeutic movements to restore the health of your back and neck in the two workouts contained on this DVD. This one of a kind, medically engineered DVD offers you three levels of techniques that are fun, effective and gentle enough for the beginner. You choose your level either seated or standing and progress safely at your own pace. Each 30 minute program is accompanied by relaxing music to increase your enjoyment while increasing your health. Workout One - Pain Free Back consists of a 30 minute program to strengthen your back muscles, improve your posture and restore flexibility to your back. Workout Two - Pain Free Neck contains gentle flexibility and strengthening movements to increase your neck range of motion and functional ability. DVD bonus feature - Tension Releasing Techniques: Suzanne also instructs you with therapeutic techniques to diminish tight achy neck pain during work, sleep or recreational activities.

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