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Fit at Any Age for Older Active Adults

Fit at Any Age for Older Active Adults

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Fit at Any Age - from Sue Grant, creator of the Older & Wiser Workouts - is a low impact/high fun workout that is perfect for those looking for an energizing workout that is easy on the knees, hip, shoulders, and back! You will appreciate seeing three different levels for each move, enabling you to customize the workout to meet your individual needs. If you're new to exercise, or even if you've been exercising for decades, you're going to love this DVD! This well rounded program includes: easy-to-follow low impact aerobics - 25 minutes; strength training - 20 minutes; cool down/stretch - 8 minutes. You may mix and match these sections, depending on how much time you have and how you are feeling each day. Enjoy! Equipment Needed: 3-5 lb. Weights for Strength Training.

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