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Final Draft

Final Draft

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Marty, an anti-social realist, and Harry, a passionate ideologist, are two young writers who have come to Hollywood to make it as successful screenwriters. Marty spent his early childhood growing up in Israel, whereas Harry is an American Jew from Brooklyn. Working as editors for Jewish weddings and Bar Mitzvahs during the day, Marty and Harry use their precious spare time to develop a masterpiece story that will take them to stardom in the town of "broken dreams." When Chad their health-freak, drug dealer friend arranges a meeting with one of his clients, a head honcho at Misney Studios, Marty and Harry practice the "pitch" that will surely win him over. They embark on a journey through the minds of screenwriters giving us a window into the parallel world of an artist's inspiration. From one comic situation to another, this journey will test their beliefs, their friendship, and how much one is willing to compromise in order to succeed.

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