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Mickey Mouse

Disney Mickey Minnie Baby T-Shirt

Disney Mickey Minnie Baby T-Shirt

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Disney Mickey Minnie Baby Tee "Mickey has a sweetie, neither fat nor skinny, she's his little Minnie Mouse!" Mickey and Minnie Mouse make the perfect couple and couldn't look any sweeter on this adorable baby doll t-shirt. Adorned with hearts floating around the pair, while they sit on a bench while they gaze into each other's eyes. You'll love how sweet you will look in this stretchy cotton t-shirt. Designed to be form fitting, it's a perfect style t-shirt for anyone that likes to wear the form fitted shirts. This Mickey and Minnie Mouse t-shirt has an added bonus with a decorative picture of the two of them on the back, the view from behind sitting on the bench. Written on the bench is "Minnie 'heart' Mickey", true love that will go on forever. You'll capture your own sweetie when you are dressed with a shirt full of a Mickey and Minnie love. - Disney Mickey Minnie Baby T-Shirt
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