Food Fight Candy From FYE!

Alright candy lovers, if you thought FYE loved candy because we carry Reptar Bars, Chocolate Wands and Pocky, then we’ve got something for you! *Epic drum roll* Introducing our Food Fight line, candy made by FYE mad scientists specifically for FYE fans.Stop by your local FYE store to get your hands on our Chuggers line, featuring six awesome varieties.

Food Fight is a catch-all brand phrase that puts the “FUN” in “FUNKY” and gives unique flavors personality and life.  The goal is to create a deliciously memorable experience to the consumer through phenomenal taste and laughter… and also remind everyone that sometimes it’s OK to play with your food!

Food Fight Chuggerz - Available in FYE stores nationwide!

Our brand new Food Fight CHUGGERZ line is on it’s way to FYE Stores across the country now and allows our consumers to satisfy their on-the-go cravings in a fun,  new way! This line of grab-and-go products are begging to be torn open and chugged! The first phase of development includes six great-tasting styles (3 chocolate and 3 confections), detailed below:

  • FORBIDDEN FRUIT / CHERRY SOURS – These scrumptious, but naughty, cherry sours are sure to bring delight to everyone’s tongue with their sweet and tart flavor profile!  Don’t forget to wear your fig leaves!
  • SODA-LICIOUS / GUMMY COLA BOTTLES – What’s a party without poppin’ some bottles?!  This bag contains countless individual gummy bottles with the sweet cola flavor that everyone loves!
  • THIS SPLIT IS BANANAS / GUMMY SANDED BANANAS – Not every relationship last forever!  Ms. Ice Cream Sundae and Mr. Banana were once the “IT” couple of the Sweets World, but a misunderstanding caused them to go their separate ways.  Don’t fret… these gummy bananas are just as sweet as they were in their happier days.
  • DAT COOKIE DOUGH / MILK CHOCOLATE COOKIE DOUGH BITES – Make it rain… milk chocolate cookie dough bites!!  These tempting morsels are packed with the sweet taste of cookie dough enrobed in a silky smooth milk chocolate.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  • HANSEL AND PRETZEL / MILK CHOCOLATE PRETZEL BITES – Sweet, Savory, Salty, Smooth… all the S’s!!  Oktoberfest can be a year-round celebration with these mouth-watering crunchy bites.  Prost!
  • RAISIN’ THE ROOF / MILK CHOCOLATE RAISINS – Pump up the jams while you devour these milk chocolate covered raisins, sure to make anyone drop a sweet beat!

Don’t forget to send us videos of you chugging your first pack of Chuggerz!

Food Fight Chocolate bars - Available in FYE stores nationwide

Chocolate Bars – We’ve developed a line of chocolate bars with lots of rotation and unexpected flavor profiles.  Our current assortment is below, along with a little about each individual bar:

  • TOGETHER FOREVER PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY – A milk chocolate bar with peanut butter flavoring and a strawberry jelly filling, designed to showcase the love between two longtime loves!
  • TOASTY CAMPFIRE S’MORES – A milk chocolate bar with graham cracker and marshmallow inclusions throughout.  This bar brings all the flavors of a delicious s’more to the consumer, without fear of burning themselves!
  • CRUNCHY TORTILLA MUCHACHO TACO – A milk chocolate bar with tiny bits of tortilla chips throughout.  Watch out… this bar has a spicy kick on the back end!!
  • NUTTY ALMOND COCONUTZ – Everyone knew that almond was a nut!  This milk chocolate bar has an almond inclusion and a tropical coconut flavor that will many anyone go crazy!
  • SMOOTH N’ SWEET COOKIE BUTTAH – The latest addition to the Food Fight Bar lineup, this smarmy milk chocolate bar has everyone’s favorite cookie butter filling inside… good enough for every Lothario!