FYE’S Top 10 K-Pop Albums & Artists OF 2019!

K-Pop albums that were loved by the FYE K-Pop fans in 2019

It’s the end of 2019, and the holiday collaboration between K-Pop artists & end-of-year award shows are feeding us K-Pop stans well!

It also means that we get to look back on all the great things that K-Pop artists have achieved this year! K-Pop was definitely one of the most popular categories in the FYE stores all across the country, and we picked 10 artists that have released remarkable albums in 2019 & loved by the K-Pop fans who visited FYE this year!

Album cover art of Remember Us : Youth Part 2 by DAY6

10. DAY6

This six-member boy band released their 4th Mini Album, Remember Us : Youth Part 2, on December 10th of 2018, and it has been widely loved by the FYE K-Pop fans ever since! 

Always gifting My Days with sweet rock tracks, DAY6 released days gone by with this Mini Album and sang about bittersweet love that has gone by. Perfect track for your broken heart💔

Some of the other albums from DAY6 that were on the top of the FYE lists this year are:

Album cover art of Fancy You by TWICE


It’s not surprising how these nine queens of K-Pop dominated FYE K-Pop sections this year as well!

The most loved album from TWICE this year was their 7th Mini Album, Fancy You. We’re sure everyone is addicted to “Fancy~ You~~” for a long while now, so we’re not even going to talk in-depth how the title track, Fancy You, is a cute love song that’s just made for TWICE and makes ONCEs happy every time we hear it😉

Some of the other albums from TWICE that were on the top of the FYE’s lists this year are:

Album cover art of Take.1 Are You There by MONSTA X


MONSTA X really took over 2019 like the Monstas they are! The most beloved album from MONSTA X by the FYE K-Pop fans this year was the 2nd Studio album, Take.1 Are You There. Released in October of 2018, the album was continuously loved by the Monbebes throughout 2019!

Setting the new tone of the new era, the album’s title track, Shoot Out, is another track that sings about the state of mind after a breakup. The point choreography of the song is also just 👍

Some of the other albums from MONSTA X that were on the top of FYE’s lists this year are:

Album cover art of Kill This Love by BLACKPINK


BLACKPINK is yet another group of queens that we cannot miss talking about when we look back on 2019 in K-Pop!

The 2nd Mini Album, Kill This Love, is the long-awaited album that definitely has the BLACKPINK signature we BLINKs all love – even the packaging was gorgeous!🖤💖 We can’t wait for them to come back soon!

Another album from BLACKPINK that was on the top of FYE’s lists this year is:

Album cover art of Treasure Ep.3: One To All by ATEEZ


This eight-member rookie boy group was all the rage in the 2019 K-Pop scene here in the U.S.! FYE K-Pop fans loved their 3rd Mini Album, Treasure EP.3: One To All the most out of their 4 releases since their debut in October of 2018.

The title track of the album is called Wave, and it’s a feel-good song that goes well with summer but we’re still listening to it throughout the winter cuz we’re cool ATINYs like that (snowman/snowflake emoji) ATEEZ will also be coming back on January 6th of 2020 with the new album called TREASURE EPILOGUE : Action To Answer!

Some of the other albums from ATEEZ that were on the top of FYE’s lists this year are:

Album cover art of I Am Who by Stray Kids

5. Stray Kids

Can we dare say that 2019 was the year of Stray Kids & their Clé series?🙋‍♀️ However, the most beloved Stray Kids’ album by the FYE K-Pop fans in the year of 2019 was, in fact, I AM WHO!

That’s totally understandable – who doesn’t listen to the title track, My Pace, every morning to get pumped up? 💪🔥 The group recently released a digital Mixtape called Gone Days – give it a listen & support these talented boys!

Some of the other albums from Stray Kids that were on the top of  FYE’s lists this year are:

Album cover art of We Are Superhuman by NCT 127

4. NCT 127

2019 witnessed NCT 127, an already-renowned boy group in their 4th year since debut, growing more popular and stepping into mainstream pop culture in the U.S. The numerous TV show appearances & their U.S. tour kept us NCTzens happy throughout the summer!

Released in May of 2019, their 4th Mini Album, We Are Superhuman, was definitely the most loved album of NCT 127 chosen by FYE K-Pop fans. We also carry the Exclusive Vinyl Picture version of We Are Superhuman – it is a perfect collectible & gift for any NCTzens!🎁

Some of the other albums from NCT 127 that were on the top of the FYE lists this year are:

Album cover art of The Dream Chapter: STAR by Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

3. Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

If you are looking for the definition of a monster rookie group, TXT is it! Just debuted in March of this year, TXT was hugely loved by MOAs all around the world as well as by the FYE K-Pop fans!💕

Their debut & 1st Mini Album, The Dream Chapter: Star, was at the top of FYE’s K-Pop album list. The title track CROWN paints a beautiful story of a boy who has met his other half, and we can’t stop listening to this bubbly track on the last day of 2019!

Of course, TXT’s more recent release made our list as well:

Album cover art of SuperM album by SuperM

2. SuperM

It still feels unreal that this supergroup graced us here in the U.S. last fall – many K-Pop fans also got to personally meet the members at FYE and made the best memories of their lives! (heart)

We’re all still Joppin’, but also can’t wait to see what the group will bring us next in the new year of 2020😌

Check out all 8 different versions of their debut & 1st Mini Album, SuperM, from both online and in stores!

Album cover art of Map of the Soul: PERSONA by BTS

1. BTS

It is absolutely zero surprise that BTS was the most loved K-Pop artist in 2019 among the FYE K-Pop fans, and in fact, around the world. We’re now at the point of closing the year of 2019 with BTS appearing on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ 2020, performing in Times Square – we’re sure a lot of the ARMYs are feeling nostalgic and proud of the boys at the same time just about now😢💜

The best of the best album from BTS in 2019 is, of course, Map of the Soul: Persona! Just like the album cover and the boys’ suit in the music video, the title track, Boy with Luv, colored our hearts in pink and made us fall in love with BTS all over again.

Some of the other albums from BTS that were on the top of the FYE lists this year are:

Honorable mentions

The albums below were also loved by a lot of FYE K-Pop fans in 2019!