2019 K-Pop Season’s Greetings are Here, and We Unboxed Wanna One’s!

Are you geared up with a new calendar and a planner for 2019 yet? If not, it’s not too late to get them and have another amazing year with your favorite K-Pop groups and biases!

We have a selection of Season’s Greetings from your favorite K-Pop groups both online and select stores. In case you don’t know what Season’s Greeting in K-Pop is – Season’s Greeting is a collection of goods released during the holiday seasons from a K-Pop solo or a group. It usually comes in a box that contains calendars, planners, photo cards, and so much more!

Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting items out of the box
All the items inside Wanna One’s 2019 Season’s Greeting!

Better to show than tell, of course. We did an unboxing of 2019 Season’s Greeting from Wanna One, a project boy group formed through a competition program called Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017.

Since 2018 was their last year of activity, this Season’s Greeting would be the first and the last that we would get from these eleven talented boys. If you were a fan of Wanna One or Produce 101 Season 2, this 2019 Season’s Greeting is a must-have, and we’ll show you why!

Tin Case (in theme color!)

The entire set comes in a tin case in silver, which is one of the theme colors of Wanna One’s latest album, 1¹¹=1(Power of Destiny). As their first and last full album, 1¹¹=1(Power of Destiny) is full of gorgeous photos that fit the themes of the album, adventure and romance.

2019 Desk Calendar

Wanna One’s 2019 Season Greeting comes with a 2019 desk calendar so you can be with the boys even when you study or work. Better yet, the calendar comes with separate pages for the photos and the monthly calendar, which lets you keep your bias on the left all year while you flip to the next month on the right. Also, the back of the calendar has autographs from all eleven members.

And of course, the calendar is already marked with all the members’ birthdays and anniversaries so you won’t miss celebrating them. The earliest date that’s waiting for us Wannables is January 29th, when Daehwi turns 18🎂

2019 Planner + Book Band

The 2019 planner from Wanna One, like other groups’, comes with the monthly planner, ruled and unruled pages, and most importantly, plenty of photos of the members, totaling 160 pages.

Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting - Planner
Planner image: Jinyoung, Kuanlin, Woojin, and Minhyun (from left)

There are not only individual shots, but also several group photos so we can see just how close the boys got over the months. They are so adorable with the matching hoodies & sweatshirts (and we want one, too, by the way).

Oh, we almost forgot; the planner also comes with a set of stickers that the members drew themselves. These will come in handy when you want to express your mood & geek out on Wanna One at the same time!

The book band that comes with the Season’s Greeting can be put around the planner so the diary can stay shut even when it becomes thicker with all the decorations and stickers you’ll put on the pages throughout the year!

Greeting Cards

Wanna One 2019 Season Greeting - Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards with Jisung on the very front!

All eleven Wanna One members have sent us Happy New Year cards! They look absolutely stunning in Hanbok, a traditional Korean attire usually worn during special occasions, including New Year’s.

Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting - Greeting Cards
Back of the Greeting Cards

The back of the cards contains messages and autographs from each member, wishing Wannables another great year. Kuanlin‘s message, on the rightmost card on the photo, reads:

Be healthy and live fully in 2019^^ And take my love❤

Wanna One Baby Photos!

Now, here is where this Season’s Greeting gets really special – it contains two strips of translucent photo films with photos of Wanna One members when they were young!

2019 Wanna One Season's Greeting - Photo Film
All Wanna One members in their childhood!

Just look how adorable baby Wanna One is in their cute outfits! Our favorites are Jisung and his red beret, Daniel in a red sweater, Jihoon in suspenders, Jinyoung with the red bow tie, and Daehwi in his elementary school uniform😍(Yeah, basically all of them!) And Jaehwan was obviously musical genius even as a little kid🎺 You can tell these eleven sweet little boys were as energetic and joyful as they are now as the nation’s idols.

Picture Diary

This 2019 Season’s Greeting also has a special 46-page booklet with the picture diary from the members. They reminisce about the day they debuted as Wanna One, and looking back of their earlier days makes us wannables sentimental, too.

Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting - Picture Diary
Jaehwan‘s life graph and picture diary

It’s quite fun to look at the life graphs and the diaries of each member! The photo above shows Jaehwan‘s life graph, and turns out the saddest moment in life was when he had an appendectomy in third grade🤣 His happiest moment was when he debuted as Wanna One, and he writes about that in his diary on the right, too:

August 12th, 2017, sunny weather, 3PM
It was the first fan meet I ever had in my life.
I felt so awkward that I didn’t know where to turn my eyes. I want to thank everyone who came to the fan meet, and I want to see them often from now on❤

We have watched the eleven of them grow together as a team, and now we are only left with the final concert in Seoul to see all of them as Wanna One.

Wanna One may be disbanding, but individual members will continue to promote as solo or group artists in 2019 – let’s keep supporting each and every one of them!

Like what you see?

You can get 2019 Wanna One Season’s Greeting from us online!

Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting Regular Version
Wanna One 2019 Season's Greeting with Behind Book

They come in two versions, one with the behind book and one without. We left out the behind book in our unboxing as a little surprise for you 😉

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